Casey A. McLaughlin

Tallahassee, Florida 32303

e: w: ph: (850) 284-7271


  • Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

    MS, Library Science and Information Studies June, 2004 May, 2009

    Focus: Information Technology Management

  • Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

    BS, Information Studies August, 2002 May, 2004

    Honors: Cum Laude, Academic Leadership Award

Teaching Experience

  • Florida State University College of Communication and Information

    Adjunct Instructor - Web Development with PHP May, 2008 Current

    • Develop syllabus, learning objectives, course structure and curriculum
    • Deliver lectures, and administer all grades
    • Work with faculty to ensure the course fits strategic goals of the program curriculum

Professional Experience

  • Florida State University Research Computing Center

    Technology Specialist (25%) January, 2011 Current

    • Plan, deploy, configure, and manage OpenStack-based "SKY" cloud computing environment
    • Plan, develop, and manage RCC web presence and online support documentation
    • Develop and curate online documentation related to all RCC services
    • Work with other technical support staff to ensure users have access to resources
  • Florida State University Institute for Digital Information and Scientific Communication

    IT Administrator / Non-Tenure faculty January, 2011 Current

    • Manage team of designers, developers, and sysadmins to support online repositories and web applications
    • Participate in information management research for grant-based data collections
    • Implement semantic web technologies and manage large data repositories
    • Develop web software to support research activity
    • Manage software maintenance, deployment, and code management activities
  • Florida State University College of Communication and Information

    Director of Application Development July, 2009 August, 2011

    • Developed project management procedures and strategies, and manage multiple simultaneous web application development projects
    • Provided experiential learning and on-the-job training to undergraduate students through internships and mentoring
    • Provided assistance to faculty for utilizing IT resources in research grants
    • Managed and deploy Linux server systems for hosting hundreds of non-profit and academic websites, including several medium-to-high traffic sites and large databases
    • Ensured that faculty and staff have access to the very best tools for teaching, research, and service
    • Served as lead design point for new sever facility in the William Johnston Building (Rm 2010)
  • Florida State University College of Information

    Information Technology Coordinator June, 2005 June, 2009

    • Coordinated all major IT projects within the College
    • Managed tactical and operational IT planning, procurement, implementation, and systems maintenance
    • Developed departmental business continuity plan
    • Completed overhaul of IT server systems, including implementation of virtual technologies and relocation to managed datacenter
    • Developed standard operating procedures for server management
    • Coordinated with other departments at FSU to reduce overhead by moving many functions onto centrally managed University-provided services, such as email, calendaring, listservs, firewall, etc.
    • Developed polices for and managed $200,000 annual IT budget
  • Liquifusion Studios

    IT Consultant August, 2005 January, 2008

    • Developed comprehensive IT evaluations and solution plans for small businesses in the Florida Panhandle, which I then implemented.
    • Designed a three-tiered Small Business Self-Evaluation IT Checklist focused on security, business continuity, and resource management for general distribution
  • Florida State University School of Library and Information Science

    User Services Supervisor September, 2004 June, 2005

    • Oversaw operations of Helpdesk employing five part-time graduate students and 20 undergraduate interns.
    • Reduced open ticket time by 120% in four months by implementing new performance measurement tools and standard operating procedures to reduce the need for re-training
    • Provided IT support to over 50 faculty/staff and 600 students, including hardware and software support
    • Reduced expenses on employee workstations by implementing a managed replacement cycle for technology
    • Led effort to consolidate calendaring and email systems onto an externally managed Exchange system

Research Participation

  • Alexander Garcia, Peter Murray-Rust, Gully APC Burns, Robert Stevens, Dominika Tkaczyk, Casey McLaughlin, Amaury Belin, Angelo Di Iorio, Leyla García, Célya Gruson-Daniel, Ross Mounce, Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Silvio Peroni, Jeremy Spinks, Boris VillazonTerrazas, Oscar Corcho, Olga Giraldo, Mike Wabiszewski, (2013): PDFJailbreak - a communal architecture for making biomedical PDFs semantic Presentation at BioLink SIG 2013
  • Lustria, M. L. A., Cortese, J., Schmitt, K., Kung. M., McLaughlin, C., (2013): A Pilot Study of a Web-Based Tailored Intervention to Promote STD Screening Among College Students Poster presented at DC Area Health Communication Conference
  • Garcia-Castro, L.J., McLaughlin, C., Flager, S., (2013): RDFising Pubmed Central Publication Submitted to Bio-Ontologies 2012
  • Garcia-Castro, L.J., McLaughlin, C., Garcia, A., (2012): Semantic Enrichment of Biomedical Literature, RDF for full text PubMed Central Presentation at the VIVO 2012 Conference, Miami, Florida
  • Mardis, M.A., McLaughlin, C., Gingell, G., (2012): Digital Libraries to School Libraries. Poster presented at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Washington D.C.
  • Lustria, M.L.A., Cortese, J., McLaughlin, C., (2012): Investigating the WAHI: A Randomized Control Trial of an Online Interactive Tailored Video Intervention for STD Awareness Poster presented at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Riccardi, G., Leiva, D., McLaughlin, C., Garcia-Castro, A., (2012): An Information System for Analyzing and Discovering Suicide Research Literature Presentation at the American Association of Suicidology Conference, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Mardis, M.A., McLaughlin, C., (2010): Digital Libraries to School Libraries (DL2SL): A Strategy for Open Content Integration in Schools Poster to presented at the Institute of Museum and Library Services Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.
  • Lustria, M.L.A., Kazmer, M. M. M., Glueckauf, R. L., Hawkins, R., Randeree, E., Rosario, I. B., McLaughlin, C., Redmond, S., (2010): Participatory design of a health informatics system for rural health practitioners and disadvantaged women Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 61(11), 2243-2255, doi:10.1002/asi.21390
  • Lustria, M.L.A., Kazmer, M. M. M., Glueckauf, R. L., Randeree, E., Rosario, I. B., McLaughlin, C., Webster, A., (2010): Supporting Breast Cancer Screening Needs of Rural, Disadvantaged Women Via a Tailored Reminder System (Information Needs and Perceived Barriers to Preventive Care) Poster to be presented at the Florida Health Disparities Research Invitational Summit, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (Regional)
  • Lustria, M.L.A, Kazmer, M. M. M., Glueckauf, R. L., Randeree, E., Rosario, I. B., McLaughlin, C., Webster, A., (2010): Supporting Breast Cancer Screening Needs of Rural, Disadvantaged Women Via a Tailored Reminder System (Using Participatory Approaches for Designing Health Informatics Systems for Application in Rural Settings) Poster to be presented at the Florida Health Disparities Research Invitational Summit, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (Regional)

Projects and Other Activities


  • Research Computing Center website

    Developer / Lead Content Administrator March, 2017 March, 2017

    • Redevelop Research Computing Website to replace old webiste
    • Port website from Joomla v2 to Drupal v7
    • Design and develop interactive account management tools on site to interoperate with existing systems
  • XtractPDF

    Lead Developer March, 2017 March, 2017

    • Develop a PHP/Mongo/KnockoutJS/Bootstrap online PDF extraction tool for general use
    • Support the tool in the community
  • Biotea

    Systems and Database Support January, 2012 Current

    • Oversee management of a large (20m+) collection of RDF documents
    • Participate in RDF implementation of Pubmed Central and other document collections
    • Manage graph database, web endpoints, and web service documentation
  • FSU SKY Compute Cloud

    Project Lead August, 2011 Current

    • Oversee implementation and maintenance of an Openstack compute system for scientific research at FSU
    • Work with principal investigators and researchers at FSU to coordinate computing needs within this system
    • Establish baseline service level expectations and ensure the system and staff provide those services
  • iDigInfo Website

    Project Manager January, 2011 Current

    • Oversee design and development of iDigInfo website
    • Implement information architecture in Drupal to support iDigInfo site needs
  • Military Suicide Research Consortium

    Project Lead January, 2011 Current

    • Manage design, development, and systems maintenance for large online repository / web tool to support MSRC
    • Develop and manage custom Drupal implementation and supporting modules
    • Develop innovative interfaces for users to interact with a large academic journal collection
  • RU@Risk Online Intervention and Data Collection Tool

    Lead Developer May, 2009 Current

    • Conceptualize, plan, and develop an online survey and STD-ordering kit targeted at College students
    • Develop online survey system using PHP and CodeIgniter
    • Audit application for HIPAA standards
    • Develop and document secure REST interface to interface with the Department of Health systems for STD kit order management
  • Catastrophic Finance Insurance Information Portal

    Lead Developer November, 2009 Current

    • Worked with FSU Storm Risk Management Center to determine and implement client needs
    • Developed a custom CMS for an information repository
    • Subsequently developed a custom API for the CMS, and migrated content into Drupal 7
    • Manage maintenance and development of custom database query tools
  • LIS4368 Website

    Developer August, 2008 Current

    • Because the existing Learning CMS did not meet our needs, I developed a custom course website for LIS4368
    • The site is implemented in the Wordpress CMS, but will soon be ported over to the PHP Silex Framework (Fall, 2013)
  • iSpace Web Hosting System

    Developer / Systems Administrator August, 2006 June, 2011

    • Plan, develop, and deploy a custom web and virtual server hosting solution for students and faculty
    • Develop online end-user documentation and training materials in collaboration with undergraduate students
    • Integrate many technologies to provide turnkey web services to users, including LDAP, PHP, PAM, MySQL, and DNS
    • Manage integration with the FSUID authentication system and user accounts
  • Digital Libraries to School Libraries

    Lead Developer October, 2009 Current

    • Conceptualize, plan, and develop a tool to allow librarians to easily share and add digital resources to their collections
    • Conduct workshops with librarians and information professionals
    • Implement the MARC21, MODS, METS standards in PHP and CodeIgniter
    • Develop sophisticated web scraper in PHP
    • Interface with Destiny, Alexandria, and other popular catalog software
    • Work with librarians and information professionals to determine needs and implement tools
    • Design front-end interface for Web2Marc tool
  • STEER Research Project

    Lead Developer August, 2007 May, 2010

    • Plan, develop, evaluate, deploy, and maintain full featured online patient record management system
    • Coordinate and manage team of application developers
  • Ready4Changes Online Survey and Intervention

    Lead Developer August, 2007 December, 2009

    • Plan, develop, evaluate, deploy, and maintain a web-based survey and tailored content delivery system
    • Coordinate and manage team of application developers


  • Tallahassee PHP User Group Current Organization -
  • O’Reilly National Open Source Convention July, 2013 Conference -
  • Extended Semantic Web Conference and Jailbreaking the PDF Hackathon May, 2013 Conference -
  • DrupalCamp Florida 2013 March, 2013 Conference
  • DrupalCamp Florida 2012 March, 2012 Conference
  • DrupalCamp Atlanta 2011 October, 2011 Conference
  • National Science Digital Library Annual Meeting October, 2010 Conference
  • PHPTek 2010 May, 2010 Conference
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals, FSU Chapter January, 2008 Organization
  • National and Southeast Regional Educause Conference June, 2006 Conference
  • National and Southeast Regional Educause Conference June, 2005 Conference
  • Cornell Policy Writing Workshop June, 2005 Workshop
  • Introduction to Server Virtualization April, 2009 Guest Lecture
  • IT Ethics September, 2008 Guest Lecture



  • IT operations
  • Budget and resource management
  • Policy writing and procedure management
  • Strong written and verbal Communication

IT Management

  • Communicating with users, both technical and non-technical
  • Coordinating systems management procedures
  • Speaking both publicly and internally within an organization
  • Installation and maintenance of server systems
  • Configuration management and automation (via Puppet)
  • Management of Linux systems, mostly RHEL and Ubuntu Server
  • Systems architecture planning, mostly Open Source
  • Openstack Cloud Platform Planning and Implementation
  • Server Virtualization: vmWare, KVM/QEMU, Xen
  • LAMP Stack, Lighttpd, and NGINX management
  • LDAP integration with Linux (PAM), PHP, Wordpress, and Drupal
  • Network management (SMB TCP/IP network planning, implementation, and maintenance)
  • Windows Active Directory deployment and management
  • MySQL deployment, configuration, and maintenance
  • Apache SOLR/Lucene

Web Development

  • Web application project management
  • Web site planning (IA and deployment)
  • RDF/RDFa, Microformats, and Semantic Web Tool Integration
  • Web deployment automation/continuous integration (via Jenkins)
  • Drupal site planning, migration, development, and maintenance
  • Drupal module development
  • Certified PHP developer
  • MVC: Symfony, Silex, and Zend Frameworks
  • HTML5, CSS, Jquery/JS, KnockoutJS development
  • Version control (Git, Mercurial, and Subversion)
  • Eclipse, Netbeans, and VIM
  • REST development, Web APIs, JSON, and XML
  • Knowledge of Information Formats: MARC21, MODS, METS, DC
  • Wordpress Management and Plugin Development
  • Responsive and mobile website development


  • Design and development of course curriculum
  • Experience in course leadership and integrating applied skills into a management curriculum